Why Storied?

We believe the combination of great questions, speaking out loud, and algorithms that turn those ideas into well-written communication unlocks potential for millions of people.

Meet our team

We are an international team with teammates in different parts of the world. We are united to help make everyone's life easier!

CEO & Co-Founder

Dyslexic physicist, data scientist, and serial entrepreneur. I am working on new ways to unlock the potential of leaders by helping them think and communicate their complex ideas.


I have 10+ years of experience and expertise in data science, economics, strategy, and innovation to create and deliver solutions that improve team communications using voice and AI.


Innovative engineer with a passion for solving complex problems and pushing the boundaries of technology. I thrive on developing and building groundbreaking solutions.


I am committed to pushing the boundaries of design and innovation, and collaborating with cross-functional teams to build products that leave a lasting impression.


A passionate UX/UI designer with a focus on quality, results and product challenges. There is always a way for me to find a balance between business and customers.