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Get through hard emails

Never get blocked by that dreaded email again with our solution.

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Millions of dollars are lost due to ineffective email management

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI noted the best CEOs swiftly plough through their tasks, making fast, right decisions and unblocking their team.
Brian Tracy emphasizes the need to face demanding tasks head-on and prevent energy-draining activities, like dealing with tricky emails.

Storied's solution

Give everyone the advantage executives have - assistance in drafting those hard-hitting messages. 

Talk out your challenging email to our system
Get a reasonable draft, ready to be edited and sent
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Storied guides you to the most important

This ensures you enter the meeting not only with clarity but with well-organized, actionable insights.

Talk like you're conversing with a friend, then we write the email for you

Storied is not just a tool - it's an AI co-pilot in your everyday life
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