Inclusive Redefined

Our team is fully remote but we feel connected. That's because we're thoughtful in the way we interact. Need to talk to clarify your ideas? We believe in that so much that we're building a tool so people can do it anytime, anywhere, but we also know when we need to get on an old-fashioned video call or hang out in a city. We love clear writing because we love deep work, where you turn off notifications for hours and live in your craft. We honor all kinds of diversity, including neurodiversity, because it makes us strong. We also live our core values: taking ownership, driving forward fearlessly, having unbounded curiosity, and optimizing for energy.

We are small. If you join us, the one thing that is certain is that you will grow your skills by what you take on. As part of the team, you will also unlock the potential of the leaders who use our tools by bringing clarity to their daily lives.

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